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Monday, December 18th, 2017

HIP Pilates
High Intensity Power Pilates at Studio 21 Yarm



Body Control Pilates Teacher

MA Contemporary Dance and Film

Most of you will have met Rhiannon in Pilates or spoken to her at Studio 21, she’s been a HUGE help to me, and to the studio in her own right, since she started teaching here in 2015.

Before meeting Rhiannon, I was at the stage where I needed another Pilates teacher and was debating advertising for one, when I received a telephone call from Rhiannon to say she was moving back to the area after uni and was looking for teaching opportunities. Strange co-incidence or meant to be?!

Rhiannon also trained in London with Body Control Pilates, she’s dancer at heart, you can see it in the way she moves and the way she holds herself in class, her timing in the barre and HIPP classes is on pointe!

Starting with ballet aged 5, Rhiannon worked her way up through the Royal Academy of Dance exams and always wanted to be a ballet dancer, until she tried, and fell in love with contemporary dance. As a dancer, Pilates was part of her daily life, a way to keep joints mobile and healthy under heavy training. It was Pilates that she ended up teaching full-time instead of dance!

Rhiannon’s special interests lie in the matwork sequences and working with young people, she runs the junior Pilates section at Studio 21, we hold classes for 3 age groups, 3-5 years, 6-10 years and 11-16 years. Outside of the studio, Rhiannon runs RYDC (Rhiactions Youth Dance Company), of which Studio 21 is a sponsor. So if you know any young people who may be interested, either in dance or Pilates, send them her way!

Rhiannon says,

Dance and movement are my passions, I’ve been a teacher since I was 15 years old, and I love passing on my knowledge of movement and the body, so much so, some of you may have had a mini lecture off me, sorry, just don’t get me started lol! I really enjoy studying how different people move and I get very excited when I can get everyone moving at the same time (it’s the choreographer in me!)’.

You’ll find Rhiannon teaching 121’s and classes at the studio throughout the week and you can contact her on Rhiannon@studio21yarm.co.uk

SEE YOU ON THE MAT. Vicky & Rhiannon

Rhiannon Taylor – Pilates Teacher at Studio 21


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