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Monday, June 19th, 2017

Relaxing Pilates Retreat at The Orange Tree, Rosedale, June 2017

This time last week I was on a windy Moor in the East Rosedale valley teaching on my first Pilates Retreat. Rosedale is a spectacular valley in the North York Moors, I’ve spent many a family weekend there as a child, walking and playing on the Moors and actually ended up working for the North York Moors National Park for 5 years, but I’ll never get used to the views, they are breathtakingly beautiful.

The Orange Tree, Rosedale, UK

The idea behind the retreat was for people to ‘retreat’ and leave everything behind, 3 days to completely relax, digitally detox, take part in Pilates classes and learn about the body and how Pilates can help YOU! A totally immersive and restorative 3 days.

We were a group of 10 people, some came alone, others with friends, some were local to Teesside, and some had travelled, the furthest coming from London. Yet, there was one common unifying factor, everyone wanted to relax and de-stress.

We left Teesside and headed up onto the strikingly bare and beautiful moors to get to The Orange Tree, the journey was made even more interesting as we had to drive via Chimney Bank due to the main road into Rosedale being closed, Chimney bank has a max gradient of 33% and 2 hairpin bends!

Once all of the participants had arrived and checked into their rooms, we met again at the large dining room table for introductions and a chat about what lay ahead. People are attracted to retreats for many different reasons and experience of Pilates is never essential on my retreats, I’m always happy to take mixed groups and try to teach as individual and hands on as possible. As those of you who come to my classes will vouch, it’s never a case of one-exercise fits all. And we really were a mixed group, several had never done Pilates before to 10 years experience of group classes.

Dinner was next on the agenda with a simple but oh so tasty 3-course vegetarian meal, after a short rest we moved up to the attic studio for a peaceful evening relaxation practice. With everyone zened out we floated off to bed for an early night.

Pilates Retreat at The Orange Tree

Attic Studio Space, The Orange Tree, Rosedale

One of my favourite parts of the retreat was how I got to wake everyone up at 7am 🙂 I’d walk the upstairs corridors gently tapping the large gong, this was actually requested by 2 people on the retreat who had been before and said what a lovely sound it was to be woken up by!

At 7:30am we gathered for a gentle Pilates stretch class, I should say that attendance at sessions is completely optional and it’s no problem if you decide to hit the snooze button (on the gong!). The farmhouse breakfast soon followed, then a 2 hour Pilates Workshop and then lunch, we certainly didn’t go hungry! After lunch participants could do whatever their hearts desired, many had holistic treatments (optional extra) or went for a walk on the moors, you could also relax in sauna or the hot tub over looking the valley, and what a view it is!

Look at the view from the hot tub!

Afternoon tea was next and people just came in and out when they were ready after a leisurely couple of hours of free-time, then to get everyone moving again, I taught a pre-dinner class, nothing too strenuous, just enough to get the body gently moving.

Guess what was next?……The delicious 3-course vegetarian dinner, like I said, we never went hungry! After a short rest to let dinner settle I got everyone back up to the attic studio for a guided meditation. Lying down in the studio, surrounded by comfy cushions and fluffy blankets. Listening to the sound of little lambs bleating for their mums on the warm breeze through the windows, the peaceful feeling in the room was palpable. Everyone floated off to bed for the second night in a row.

The final day followed much of the same format only we used the newly renovated Methodist Chapel Studio for the workshop; it’s a stunning studio space with huge windows overlooking the valley. Today lunch was The Orange Tree’s famous nut-roast, after lunch I said my goodbyes to this lovely group, some I’ll see again in classes at the studio and the rest I hope I’ll see in the near future at another retreat. This retreat will remain extra special to me, it’s my first and I’m incredibly lucky to have gotten the nicest bunch of people possible. I also remain humbled everyday that I get to teach people about the life changing effects Pilates can have on the body and mind.

Pilates Retreat

The Old Methodist Chapel Studio, Rosedale

If you’re looking for some time-out, a new perspective on things or to make like-minded friends, I’d love you join me on a Pilates Retreat, whether you come alone or with friends you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

 What some of my clients said:

‘Highly recommend this retreat, a little bit of heaven, loved Vicky’s teaching style, lovely person and thoroughly professional but relaxed style. Gave me some great tips to help with my posture’

‘Vicky has a lovely manner and her teaching style adapts to everyone’s needs, ensuring everyone comes away with something personalised to work on.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, Vicky you were very relaxed and welcoming, I would really recommend the experience to others, the Orange Tree is a lovely place, food great and walks in the area’.

 ‘Great Pilates sessions with a real chance to take time to reflect on the basics with individual attention from Vicky, it made me realise what I’m missing in the classes I attend at home, if only I lived near to Yarm!’

 ‘Vicky was very informative and explained each move/technique in detail in simple easy to understand terms for a non-Pilates person and I eventually achieved the moves correctly. Loved her personal touches.’

The Orange Trees famous nut roast!

18-22 September 2017, Sun, Mountains and Pilates Retreat at Chateau St. Michel, South of France. From £799 pp. all-inclusive (excluding flights)

18-20 May 2018, Relaxing Pilates Retreat, The Orange Tree, Rosedale, £295 pp.

Contact Vicky for retreat itineraries and booking details on 07929 601043, 




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