Move More with Pilates and Yoga

By Studio 21

We’ve got some new Pilates and Yoga sessions happening in Saltburn-by-the-sea at the beautiful LillianDaph Store on Station Road, if you haven’t visited yet, it’s in the old Post Office building and I guarantee you’ll be inspired by this wonderful shop!

Our sessions are on selected Monday’s during the year, each one includes Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness, but you don’t have to come to class to increase your movement everyday, just follow a few of my top tips….

  • Walk faster – brisk walking will raise your heart rate, improve your circulation and make your muscles work that little bit harder, plus you’ll burn more calories
  • Take the stairs – whenever you have the opportunity, every little helps!
  • Dance while cooking 🙂 Just be careful not to break anything if you’re clumsy like me hehe
  • Sit on the floor – floor sitting is one of the best ways to improve balance and flexibility, choose a variety of positions and sit on the floor whenever you get the chance.  Even better if you have a dog, they’ll think it’s playtime!
  • Take your shoes off, and give your feet a roll on a tennis ball (or any small ball you can find!) it will relieve tension in your feet and lower legs and wake those sleeping foot muscles up

Fancy joining me for some Pilates and Yoga in sunny Saltburn?  You can book here, spaces are limited to 10 maximum per class. I’ll bring the equipment, you just bring yourself!

Monday 6th August, 6:00-7:10pm 

Monday 1st October, 6:00-7:10pm

Monday 3rd December, 6:00-7:10pm

I try to do all of these things everyday, let me know how you get on.  Vicky 🙂